The team at Montauk has successfully performed hundreds of pigging, pipeline cleaning, integrity and hydrostatic testing services. Here are a few recent projects.

City of Toronto, CAnada | 2018

60” Raw Water Intake Pigging

ISSUE: 3 deep water intakes were cleaned to remove growth of quagga mussels.

City of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina | 2019

2 miles of water main cleaning 30-16”

issue: Resolved dirty water problems

Town of Sudbury, Massachusetts 2018 

foam pigs used to clean 3000 feet of 8 & 10 inch mains

issue: lines filled with manganese were pigged after unsuccessful attempt at ice pigging

Thanks to the terrific job that your team performed along with our preventive maintenance program, the main remains clear and working at design capacity.
— Vincent J. Roy, Executive Director, Town of Sudbury, Massachusetts