trusted for over 37 years

Montauk Services was founded by the company’s CEO Rex Murphey. Since 1986, Rex has been leading pipeline cleaning, pigging and testing projects across multiple industries. Montauk is known among municipalities for the unique combination of institutional knowledge, expertise and innovation. They specialize in pipeline pigging services and equipment for pressure pipeline cleaning, focusing on water and wastewater. Public utilities who need cleaning and integrity testing for transmission and distribution lines, wastewater force mains, smart pigs, water main cleaning, intake/outfalls and wastewater treatment count on Montauk. The state-of-the-art equipment, 37 years of experience and superior safety practices are unsurpassed and has led to the technicians to be referred to as “Pig Masters.”

“ Time and time again, our clients come to us as a first resource for low flow rates or other blockage issues. In most cases, the pipeline is restored back to the original condition quickly and cost effectively.
— Rex Murphey, CEO Montauk Services


quality & safety first

Montauk is consistently committed to superior quality workmanship in a safe, accident free environment. Our technicians perform all service operations according to exact quality and safety standards. Montauk’s Lead Technicians are 40-hour HAZWOPER, confined space entry trained and hold TWIC credentials.

Montauk is full compliance with the following standards:

• OSHA Site Supervisor & OSHA 10 training certifications

• U.S. Department of Transportation

• Research and Special Programs Administration

• Pipeline Safety Regulations 49 CFR Part 199, 382
& Part 40 for Drug and Alcohol Policy