Montauk Services is one of North America's most experienced pigging and testing companies. Pigging effectively cleans and removes debris from the interior of pipelines using a foam device propelled by normal flow. This technique is especially effective for long runs and larger diameter pipelines. Pigs have the ability to navigate short radius elbows, tees, and most types of valves.

For over 37 years Montauk Services has been trusted by municipalities to assess issues and safely solve them quickly and economically. In most cases, pipelines are restored to like new condition.

Pig Entering Launcher; 60” Raw Water Intake Pipeline

Pig Entering Launcher; 60” Raw Water Intake Pipeline


  • Raw and Finished Water Transmission

  • Large Diameter Intakes

  • Hyper Flush Technology

  • Distribution

  • Well Lines

  • Certified Hydrostatic Testing
    & Chlorination


  • Force Mains

  • Sludge Lines

  • Large Diameter Outfalls

  • WWTP Piping

10 “ Force main retrieval at a terminus man hole.

Integrity Tool

integrity analysis

Due to aging infrastructure, municipalities will benefit from evaluating the integrity of their pressure lines before a failure happens. Montauk technicians are experienced at running new age tools to diagnose problems in pipelines. Smart Pigs have sensors that gather data about pipeline wall conditions and anomalies in steel, cast iron, and ductile iron piping.

pig tracking

Pig tracking is essential to any pigging operation. It allows Montauk's technicians to verify speed, location and retrieval time which is important in all systems. Transmitters and receivers are utilized from Pipeline Inspection, Comtel and Envirocal. On longer runs, specialized Above Ground Markers will indicate pig passage time and GPS location. The information is processed through iridium satellites and relayed to technicians via smart devices.

Tracking pig location from beach for 60” raw water intake