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Foam pig going into Launcher for 60” intake cleaning

Foam pig going into Launcher for 60” intake cleaning

Do pigs ever become stuck?

Pigs very rarely get stuck when the right sizes and materials are implemented properly.  Montauk will utilize different types and densities of pigs to initially verify that there are no obstructions in the pipe. Then we proceed to utilize the higher density cleaning pigs. On occasion, a pig may come upon a half closed valve or large mechanical obstruction. With Montauk’s state of the art tracking equipment, our technicians can quickly identify the location of the problem and resolve the issue. Pigs can be dislodged easily by reversing the flow. 

what is pigging?

Pigging is a process that effectively cleans and removes debris on the inside of the pipe using a cylindrical device that is propelled through the pipeline by the normal water flow. Pigging is efficient and excellent for long piping runs and large diameter pipelines.

Poly Pig used for cleaning 60” intake pipeline

Poly Pig used for cleaning 60” intake pipeline

Why are foam pigs better than ice pigging?

Ice pigging is effective for removing bio-film and soft debris. It is limited by access requirements as to how much pipe can be cleaned in the Ione set-up. Ice pigging is like cleaning a dirty dish with an ice cube. Only very superficial and light material will be removed. The Ice pigging process has not been successful on large diameter piping. To remove harder material that blocks the flow of a pipeline, sponge foam pigs are effective. Montauk is often called when other forms of pigging are unsuccessful. Time and time again, we assess the problem deploy the right types and densities of foam pigs to restore flow and resolve dirty water issues.

Thanks to the terrific job that your team performed along with our preventive maintenance program, the main remains clear and working at design capacity.
— Vincent J. Roy, Executive Director, Town of Sudbury, Massachusetts

What does a pigging project cost?

Costing of projects  is dependent upon pipe diameter, length and type of pipe. Other factors that impact price include fitting work, external water source, effluent control, pipe access. For force mains, terminus retrieval is a cost determinate. There are ways to contain costs including working with our clients to assist with mechanical work, valve operation and vac trucks. At times, labor can be supplemented by our clients. Montauk is committed to working with our clients on the most effective solutions for long term success.

Does Montauk offer consultation?

With over 37 years of experience, Montauk is frequently called on to assess problems and recommend solutions for flow issues. Montauk offers technical support and equipment on a time and material basis.